Stone Ranch is a Result

of the artful blend of multi-generational ranching traditions and evolving trends.

Ranching runs in Montana families for generations.  We are honored to be joined by partners and friends in multi-generational ranches, local processing facilities, regional distributors, and the best restaurants who are helping to build the Stone Ranch brand.

Our partner ranches have taken the highest quality black Angus cows and bred them with superior Wagyu bull genetics to produce calves of unparalleled caliber.  These calves are grass-fed on Montana's open range before they are finished on our custom diet of local grains and forage to ensure the optimal weight and muscle marbling. 

The quality of our Montana-Style Wagyu is a testament to collaboration and team work – to the artful blend of tradition and newly evolving trends. 

“These calves are grass-fed on Montana’s open range before they are finished on our custom local grain diet to ensure the optimal weight and muscle marbling.” 


Stone Ranch categorizes our products by primal cut – essentially the large sections separated from the carcass of an animal during butchering. Our primal categories include the following:


  • Round
  • Loin
  • Rib
  • Chuck


  • Plate
  • Brisket
  • Foreshank