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Despite how butchers typically break down a carcass or even what our graphic depicts, cows aren’t built in distinct sections, and several muscles extend from one area into another.  In this case, the muscles that make up the Rib Eye extend into the Chuck.  This juicy, tender and very flavorful extension of the Rib Eye is called the Delmonico, and is one of our favorite cuts.  It tends to be a bit smaller than the Rib Eye, making it a perfect succulent steak for lighter eaters.  The Delmonico steak you receive will be approximately 13 oz.

Each of our steaks arrive with 2lbs of Premium Ground Wagyu.

Cooking Tips:  The Delmonico should be treated just as you would any other premium cut of beef.  This cut needs no marinade, and a simple coating of olive oil, salt and pepper will let this tender, juicy and flavorful steak flavor come through.  We like cooking this steak on a cast-iron skillet in a little rendered fat trimmed from the steak itself.  We recommend cooking no more than medium rare, but can easily be taken to medium without sacrificing flavor.