New York

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The strip steak comes from the short loin sub-primal, and it starts off with a short loin that has had the tenderloin removed.  (If the tenderloin were left in, we’d have T-bone and porterhouse steaks rather than strip steaks.)

The primary muscle in the strip loin is simply the extension of the main muscle in a rib eye steak.  This very tender muscle extends from the back hip all the way up to the front shoulder blade.  Our New York strips are approximately 13.5 oz and marked by an abundance of marbling, which adds immense flavor and juiciness to this steak.

Cooking Tips:  The New York strip is easy to grill, broil or cook in a cast-iron skillet.  Our preference is the skillet in order to allow the steak to cook in that buttery fat as it melts.  Cook two to four minutes per side and let it rest for a couple of minutes before cutting into this amazing mouth sensation.