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In our opinion, the most savory cut is the Rib Eye.  This steak (sometimes called a Spencer steak) is cut from the lightly-worked upper rib area of the cow.  The muscles in this steak are intensely marbled making it remarkably flavorful and tender. 

If you’ve tried Wagyu from Australia or New Zealand, their "ribeye" is typically served with the bone in.  Stone Ranch removes the bone and serves only the best, center portion of this steak.  This steak will arrive weighing approximately 16 oz and is more than enough for two people!

Each of our steaks arrive with 2lbs of Premium Ground Wagyu.

Cooking Tips:  The intense marbling makes this steak ideal for hot and fast cooking on the grill, or as we prefer, in a pan greased with a  bit of fat trimmed from the steak and rendered in the pan prior to cooking.  Simply season with salt and pepper before cooking, cook between two and four minutes per side, and enjoy this hallmark Wagyu steak.