Thank you for your interest in Stone Ranch Montana Wagyu, and for visiting our website. 

As the wife, mother, daughter and sister in this project, I have to confess that this whole Wagyu beef venture was my idea . . . and after several months of hard work to get it off the ground, I’m still very excited about it!

My basic interest in this project comes from our family history in the cattle business. My parents both grew up in central Montana; their parents grew up in Montana; a couple of their grandparents also grew up here and a couple more made the decision to leave professional careers on the east coast and try their hand at homesteading in the west. We have been in Montana for several generations, but my immediate family also spent time in Texas and California when I was young.  Throughout his career, my dad has been involved in helping to advance the cattle industry and we have life long friendships throughout the western states because of his work.  Some of those are involved in this project even today.  

I studied engineering and worked in that field for about 10 years before starting our family. Engineering can be a very rewarding career, but it is not a lifestyle. The cattle business is a lifestyle and a culture unto itself, and I missed that when I left the ranch for school.  But, the cattle business is not for the faint of heart! There’s a reason that small family ranches are dwindling in number. We wanted to find a way to buck that trend, and help our kids understand the value of ranching and that part of the culture of Montana.

We decided to do something a little different and we are excited that a number of other families decided to join us and to create something special, unique, and all Montana! We are blessed to call this place home, very pleased with the work we are doing here, and proud to provide a product that reflects all the knowledge and hardwork from generations of historical ranching traditions blended with the new ideas of the younger generations.

We are confident in our product and sure that you will be amazed with the quality. Please give us a call if you have any questions or would like help with your order!! Thank you for joining us on this adventure.

Jennifer (Peterson) James